Content marketing trends on Tiktok

The 2020 – 2021 period is a remarkable milestone for Tiktok when it widespread its effect around the globe. After 5 years of launching, Tiktok is welcomed by users. In Viet Nam, investing in marketing on this platform is essential for corporate.

Similar to other social networks, you need to invest in Tiktok content and aesthetics. What we should take notes of when doing marketing on Tiktok? Let's update some content marketing trends on Tiktok with Market4gamers.

General introduction to Tiktok

After the success of Douyin – the app allows users to create and share short videos with template effects in China 2016. Bytedance continues to premiere the international version called Tiktok in 2017. 

Until 9/2021, Tiktok has more than 1B monthly active users in more than 160 countries with 78 languages. Tiktok is nominated as the 3rd fastest growing brand in the world in 2020.

In Germany, Tiktok has considerable growth gradually increasing by a quarter, and catching up with Instagram in popularity.

In statistics from KPMG, the main users of Tiktok are gen z, Tiktok is the second most popular. While with gen X and gen Y, it is the third most popular app.

This is the trend that enables the marketing industry to access more materials to perform their creativity, apply new content marketing, and approach target customers using Tiktok. To get the attention of users, corporates need both content marketing and uniqueness.

Some types of popular content on Tiktok

Do you know which type of content is getting the most attention from users? Until 2/2020, these 9 topics have more than 2M views each.

  • Joking: 77M views 
  • Sports: 52M views
  • DIY/ House modification: 36M views
  • Beauty care: 38M views
  • Cooking guidance: 22M views
  • Tips / life hacks / advice: 16M views
  • Pets: 14M views
  • Outdoor activities: 4M views

Some are popular content, easily to be viral on the platform, you can see these while scrolling:

  • Catch the trends: you just need to update the trendy affairs, with hashtag tactics and cover them. Popular trends are dancing, singing, and playing roles with sub.
  • Storytelling: You can vlog everything that happens in your daily life like work, study, childhood… or personal experience. This is usually good vibes and advice to encourage people. 
  • Sharing knowledge: You need to have deep knowledge in the field you share, popular topics such as ms office tips, how to prepare for a test, marketing tips, cooking recipes…
  • Products reviewing: Restaurants, homestays, popular travel destinations, and online shopping products… are some objects usually reviewed on Tiktok. This is genuine content and pulls viewers. You need to review from your true point of view, or viewers will detect that your channel is unreliable.
  • Guidance: handcrafting, cooking, and DIY… are getting the attention of users. You need to set up the scenes before recording, video editing, and how to record to have the best quality.
  • Duet: use the available templates created by other users and duet with them. Sing along to a song, and try pronouncing a different language that they may or may not know. You need to be outstanding by your excellence or your humor.
  • Trend making: This is the most creative type of content on Tiktok when you create a trend and the community is following you.

Market4gamers also has some offerings with hundreds of thousands of followers and a Tiktok account for sale if you want to do marketing on Tiktok.

Some hot Tiktokers

Market4gamers collected some highlighted Tiktokers with high followers and interesting topics.

@NTLMarketing (830K followers): share general marketing knowledge and good content marketing with a friendly voice tone, and understandable language, suitable for everyone. The strength of this channel is how it can be perceived by non-marketers.

@mdida (250K followers): basic marketing knowledge for students and enthusiasts, optimizing college experience by a digital marketing student.

@qtg (730K followers): share fun facts and inventions… suitable for curious people to discover new things.

@e.tho (233K followers): share student life, apply, and interview experience.

@mxc (120K followers): share how to make money

@tle (1.2M followers): personal life sharing, deliver positive vibes and lifestyle.

To make the TikTok channel outstanding, and attract more followers, you need a content marketing strategy suitable for the need of your target audience. Besides content, and image quality, sub, effects are important factors to make your channel unique.

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