Here are 5 Ranking Elements that Matter on Google

 According to statistics, Google searches contributed to more than 80% of overall searches on search engines in 2019. This means that by 2022, the percentage has already increased. Therefore, ranking high on Google Ads for Landscapers is important for businesses. However, as every business fights to occupy the first page on Google, some of these businesses lack the knowledge of what it takes to rank high. The following are major factors that influence ranking on Google.

  1. Content

The content you have on your website plays a major role in Google ranking. Good content means it is relevant to your business and useful to the leaders. It also means it is informative and tells readers who you are. If your content is of high quality, people find it useful, and once Google realizes this, it increases your rank. Therefore, if you want your content to rank high, consider optimizing keywords. Considering SEO Los Angeles can help you clarify the keywords for your content. Analyze Google to know the content to create and the best way to optimize it.

  1. Backlinks

Backlinking is another effective way of improving your rank on Google. It proves the trustworthiness of your website, which significantly affects your position on the search engine. Backlinking is a great SEO approach that can help create a good profile. So, ensure you have backlinks leading to your website and other websites. Create original content and use high-authority links.

  1. Security 

The internet is like a double-edged sword. Even if it has made things more accessible, it has also opened up for hackers and cybercriminals. Therefore, your business must employ internet security to protect its users. Use HTTPS, a ranking factor in Google, to keep your communication encrypted across the internet. It hides your sensitive data from cybercriminals and prevents the corruption of user data.

  1. User Experience

The experience users have on your site also impacts your rank on Google. User experience is all about how users feel about your site. Therefore, your UX must be satisfactory to reduce bounce rate and increase dwell time. The more time users spend on your site, the easier it will be for Google to identify and position you. So, make your website user-friendly by investing in a good design. Make it easy to navigate and include an attractive layout. Please ensure you also have internal links that give users more information about what they are looking for.

  1. Mobile Friendliness

Google looks at the performance of a website to rank it. Therefore, since the introduction of mobile indexing, it has focused on mobile-friendly websites. Websites that perform well on smartphones have a better chance of ranking high. Therefore, improve your site’s mobile-friendliness by choosing a responsive website design. You can also create several versions of the website to work on different devices.

Additionally, improve your site speed both on desktops and mobile phones. Use page speed insights on Google to check the speed and adjust. You can also change other things like image size and other elements that slow the speed.


These are major factors that Google focuses on when ranking websites. It evaluates your content, backlinks, security, user experience, and mobile friendliness to position you. Therefore, aim for these elements to rank top on Google.

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